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     Shenzhen' Kaiyuan model co.was established in 2013, engaged in product research and development design, mold and mold production, professional production of chassis home appliances, consumer electronics, digital, hardware, plastic, fixture, silicone rubber, such as palm production, CNC precision parts processing, small batch production and complex mode, laser 3d printing and other project services.
     We have a professional team spirit of management staff and more than 10 years of production engineers, experience is rich.
Existing CNC precision CNC, carved machine, lathe, milling car, vacuum complex machine, and other full set of manufacturing equipment, according to the customer's needs, we made the scaffold
     Can complete a variety of industrial needs, including oil spray, screen printing, electroplating, UV, oxidation, drawing, laser carving, sandblasting, polishing, leather, water transfer printing.
The company specializes in processing similar products:
1: communication products: child watches, traveling data recorder, rearview mirror, mobile phone, telephone, interphone, etc.
2: computer peripherals: mouse, keyboard, display, host panel, printer, camera, earphone, etc
3: digital class: mobile power supply, MP4, GPS, tablet computer, game console, digital camera, simulation car, etc
4: household appliances: TV sets, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, juicer, DVD, etc
5: medical products: thermometer, DNA, detector, b - ultrasound machine, blood glucose meter, etc
6: all kinds of copper and magnesium aluminum alloy board processing.
7: small batch mode production
There are many processing products, not a list, can be based on the requirements of the customer to produce the required board and design. Sincere to provide customers with quality service, achieve a win - win!



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